Bobbi Conway Retired Parks and Recreation Director - River Edge, New Jersey

Playgrounds, picnic areas, gardens, playing fields, pathways, tennis courts, field lighting and more, since 1995 Tom Miller has been our professional engineer of choice. He has guided us through every detail, from the creative vision of the project to meet the needs of our community to the administration of construction and successful completion, within budget and on time.

Tom’s professional manner, his knowledge and experience has resulted in a renewal of the use of our parks and facilities by the community. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tom for over 20 years!! Thank you Tom!

Harry Rutter Facilities Director - Audubon School District

Tom-  It was indeed a pleasure working with you. You had total control and stayed on top of the entire project. You will be highly recommended by myself and I am sure I can speak for Bob, Tony and the entire tennis team and district.  Again thank you and job well done. I love the article and what great shots of our courts.

Caren Fishman Retired Director Camden County Department of Parks, President of the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association

It was my pleasure to work with Tom Miller on a variety of park improvement projects for well over 15 years.  From the initial public hearing process to completed project punch list items he provided valuable insight, good and accessible design, creative and adaptable options and a pleasant attitude throughout. He listens to his clients and gets the job done, typically at no more than the cost he proposed.  Very simply, he knows what he is doing.

Steve Cataldo, President Integrated Turf Management

I have worked with Tom Miller for many years. His cooperative nature and attention to design details separates him from other engineers when considering the planning, design and construction oversight of sports and turf grass projects. He is one of the few engineers that we have worked with that considers on site soils and their modification to successfully grow in any natural grass project. The importance of this design aspect can’t be emphasized enough as this is ultimately how the success or failure of any project is judged. He gathers information and opinions from experts and professionals at the highest level using this information to guide his final concepts, techniques, and details on all aspects of any project to be constructed. We would work with Tom on any project.

William Narozanick President, American Athletic Courts, Inc.

On many occaisions, we at American Athletic Courts, Inc. have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Tom Miller, P.E.. While it may not be rare to find engineers who are professional and knowledgeable, it is rare to find engineers who are passionate problem-solvers with the ambition to attain as perfect a design as possible for any project in which they are involved.

Tom Miller is one of those rare engineers.

In our opinion, Tom Miller’s passion about the end result and its functionality is second to none. When a problem or issue inevitably arises, he is the ‘go-to’ engineer and will promptly address all issues, investigate various options, and arrive at the best possible solution. As on of the Deleware Valley’s premier outdoor sports-facility designers, Tom has the knowledge, expertise, and integrity to design the proper facility for a site and when necessary, modify the site to ensure the facility performs as the owner intended and envisioned.

If you are contemplating a new or upgraded sports facility, especially a difficult and challenging facility due to constraints and limitations, Tom Miller, possesses the expertise, knowledge, experience, passion, and problem-solving abilities to bring your “Field of Dreams” project to successful completion.