How to Repair Tennis Courts and Stick to your Budget

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Repair Tennis CourtsWhen repairs are necessary, the best choice for facilities management professionals is to have their facility properly assessed by an engineer to determine the full extent of the damage. By having a proper evaluation repairs can be done efficiently and without wasting valuable resources. A perfect example of Tennis Court Upgrades can be seen at Audubon High School in southern New Jersey.



At Audubon High School, the process entailed a full assessment of the project site. By taking into consideration the type of facility, its usage and the renovation budget the proper choice for repairs could be made. Construction began by filling the existing cracks and covering with one of the more innovative repair systems available today. Once the cracks were properly filled and covered, standing water and uneven surfacing, which was creating puddles, was identified. These depressions were filled as well to provide a flat and even playing surface.


The Process

Once the structural repairs were completed, the coating system could begin. The coating process is weather dependent and can vary in completion times. In the case of Audubon High School, the coating process solution entailed two coats of an acrylic resurfacer/filler course to provide a resilient and stable base layer. Following the acrylic resurfacing, three coats of color (Acrylic Color Playing Surface) were applied to assure a color‐fast surface that would stand up to the elements and the heavy usage of these courts.


The Addition of Color

Colors selected for the Audubon High School project were done to give the site a fresh appearance as well as improve the playability of the surface. The courts were painted in the US Open style with a blue court area and a dark green apron style to accentuate the playing area and contrast against the yellow balls to increase visibility for players.



ppd Design has had more than 30 years of experience with tennis and other court facilities which made them the perfect firm to meet the needs of Audubon School District. The firm was able to mitigate the damage and provide the client with a “new” facility without exceeding their budget or doing unnecessary and costly repairs. The new technologies used by ppd Design have been refined over the last few decades and allow clients to save money without sacrificing utility or compromising the finished product.


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